A simple and easy tool for tracking your weight

For my own training, I wanted a simple and easy way to track my body weight. The solution was a spreadsheet that I could easily have on my phone and only spend around 30 seconds updating every night or morning. The weight tracking tool below is the solution I have come up with. You simply start by filling out the light grey statistics and plot your weight daily. As you plot in your daily recordings, you can see if you are progressing at your desired pace. Remember that it is the trendline that is important and not the day-to-day fluctuations. If you haven’t tried a diet based on plate eating, I highly recommend seeing the following page for inspiration: Construct your own “My Plate”

Remember that your body weight will fluctuate due to factors such as; water, food, clothing, and so forth. You can minimize some of these factors by always weighing yourself naked in the morning or before going to bed. Some scales are also quite sensitive to the floor they are placed on, so try to place your scale in the same place each time. Alternatively, you can get a high-quality scale that is usually less sensitive to unequal flooring.

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