Smolov Jr.

Smolov Jr. for Bench and Squat Smolov junior is a three-week intermediate loading training program that is basically just the base mesocycle(Accumulation block) in Smolov Sr. The Smolov Jr. training program is focused on squatting and/or benching 4 times per week over a period of 3 weeks. Like its senior counterpart, Smolov Jr. is based around high frequency, high volume, high intensity, and the workload is sufficiently high, that most trainees will accumulate fatigue throughout the 3 week period. The…

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Smolov Microcycle and Mesocycle

Smolov is 13 week squat training program that was developed in the soviet union by Sergey Smolov. The program is often regarded as brutal and has been criticized for leading to overtraining and/or long term staleness. On the other hand, many have had huge success with the program and a handful of people have managed to increased their squat from 20-50kg. Smolov is regarded as an intermediate program and should not be attempted by a person with less them one…

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